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Shoe shopping memories

Shoe shopping memories

From the beginning of opening One Small Step Something that I’ve always been keen to create is a shop where memories are made. I do my best to remember the child’s name and recognise any new customers, it’s slightly easier I guess because I’m in the shop every day. The children always get a gift at the end of their visit which quite often they remind me that they receive 🙂 The photo is the shoe shop that I used to visit as a child it’s still exactly the same! My Mum also used to get her shoes from here. In actual fact the Start-rite contact that I deal with also deals with this shop, so it’s nice to chat to him about it. My Nan would always buy my shoes and our little outing was always very much a family event with my Mum, Nan and me. I must visit Brassington’s in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent to have a chat to them and to see if I remember any of the inside of the shop. Would love to hear memories from our customers and facebook followers of their shoe shopping trips as a child…..


One thought on “Shoe shopping memories

  1. Lovely post Nichola. My Mum used to take me to Brassingtons too or Clarkes in Newcastle and I can remember it so well. I used to love my new shoes so much I remember keeping them on in the shop to wear to go home! Looking forward to Madeline making some memories of getting shoes in One Small Step. Xxx

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