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Sheepish Blog!!

sheepish faceWow! Where did the time go between our last blog and now!! I wanted to keep updating you on so much that’s happening at One Small Step but as ever ran out of time! That’s the reason the title is sheepish that describes how I feel! We celebrated our 3rd birthday in July and it was great that so many of our customers managed to come along. Presto in Buxton kindly supplied nibbles and we all enjoyed a glass of wine or 2 whilst a few of us ‘swished’ . I had to also read up about what the meaning was but basically you bring along any unwanted clothes, jewellery etc. and swap them for something that someone else has brought along. Then August brought a very busy time of shoe shopping for ‘Back to School’ it was wonderful to see some new customers and also loyal customers returning! Things are still busy with deliveries of gorgeous boots, hats & gloves and the most adorable slippers!! I’m conscious of trying not rambling too much. I’m off on holiday next Thursday (18th Sept) for 11 nights and I’m so excited to have time to relax and think of new ideas for One Small Step! Clio & Janet will be opening the shop in my absence but look out for shop opening times as they’re not able to work full days on some of the day’s that we’re open 🙂 More soon……..


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