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Ta dah!!! New Window Display Sept 2014

window displayAs I mentioned yesterday August has been extremely busy and I was very conscious that the flowers in the window boxes and hanging basket had seen better days and looked awful but I just couldn’t seem to fit the time in to get them sorted!! The window display was also from Summer and although gorgeous maybe wasn’t that appropriate for these beautiful autumnal September days! Today I was on a mission to sort it!!! Arriving at the shop armed with plants, compost and a garden trowel! I made a start, it was a beautiful sunny morning and as I was pulling out the dead plants and adding more compost to the window boxes Glynis a lady that I had spoken to several times called to chat to me on her bike she had just arrived on the Macclesfield bus. Glynis had entered the Buxton Spa prize and wanted to come and tell me that unfortunately her entry hadn’t won. Such a shame as her work is fantastic!! As we chatted I managed to cut my finger open on some broken glass that was under the soil of one of the plant pots!! Being a bit of a whuss I panicked and ran inside to run my finger under the cold water tap! Gylnis helped me to get a plaster etc. and kindly offered to finish the planting. Some days the generosity of people really makes my heart melt and this gesture did! I knew she was cycling to Hurdlow to continue with her painting of’ The Royal Oak’. I really didn’t want to delay her but she was adamant that she wanted to help and even swept up as at this point I then had a customer. To be quite honest with you I was secretly pleased of the help and can honestly say I think Glynis did a better job than I would have done! 🙂 as she expertly arranged them before planting! Bernice the young girl that lives next door to the shop came and helped with the window display and collected some leaves for me to use. Her Mum and one of my bestest buddies Deb played nurses on me with proper tape to seal the cut. Had visits from a few of my lovely friends and a latte delivered courtesy of the lovely ladies at 53 Degrees North. All in all after today I feel blessed that there are some very special and kind people in this world and their generosity restores my faith in humanity. Would love you to call by and look at our new display!


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