Our New Display Stand!

Display stand 1

In 2012 and 2013 we exhibited at the local Pavilion Gardens, Buxton at their Saturday Bazaars and they proved to be very successful and a good way to market our business as we were able to chat to families and display a small range of our shoes. We always felt as though our stand didn’t look as professional as we would have liked it to be, most of the stall holders don’t have shops so it’s probably not as important to them to have a branded display stand. In Jan 2015 we started to work on a brand new design for a display stand, it needed to be easy to assemble, be able to display our products well and hopefully when people saw it they would know that it’s One Small Step. So here you have the design and completed stand images. We hope you like it! A massive thank you must go to Peakcraft for their work on this you can follow them on facebook and they also have a website http://www.peakcraft.co.uk.

display unit march 2015