My day with Theo ~Friday 12th February 2016

Theo pic me n Bert

Better late than never……thought you might be just a teeny bit interested to hear about our trip to the ICC, Birmingham to collect our #SBS (Small business Sunday) award from Theo Paphitis! For those unsure of what it’s all about it’s via Twitter, and it was an idea that Theo came up with. Theo was sat at the kitchen table one Sunday evening chatting to his wife whilst she was cooking dinner. Basically  you tweet Theo on a Sunday evening between 5-7.30pm with a brief description of your business, then on a Monday evening he selects his favourite 6 and re-tweets your tweet! One Small Step was selected back in August 2015 and my other half Mark from Peakcraft was chosen in January so it was a double whammy for us. At the event he explained the reasons why he started the #SBS and I could relate to them all. He said that when you have your own business it can be pretty lonely and pretty hard at times and he felt that if he could find a way to help to promote and lift you and your business by using his profile then that’s what he wanted to do. Boy did he do that! When I found out that my business had won I actually cried with happiness!! I can’t explain how proud I felt about what I’d achieved. Actually receiving recognition for my business from a man whom I think is such a business Guru ~ unbelievable!

The actual event was amazing and really inspiring, there were Q & A sessions with Theo, Mike Pickles owner of Really Useful Boxes and Holly Tucker Co Founder of Not On The High Street. It was great to hear these entrepreneurs talk about their journey and also to hear ideas and hints/tips about helping us with our businesses. I was able to set a business account up with Rymans and receive a £50 credit for being a winner and also chat to DHL regarding worldwide shipping for our shop. We all received a FREE goody bag at the end of the event with all-sorts in there including pens, cupcake cases, notepads & loads more. I was in stationery heaven!  I came home feeling truly inspired and believing as I always do to that nothing is impossible. 🙂